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Derek "Redfootz" Freeman is officially endorsed by Arborea Cymbals, Rich Sticks, and Clear Tune Monitors.

Arborea Cymbals logo

Arborea Cymbals are 100% Handmade cymbals using the old school method which brings the attack, warmth, body and resonance desired by drummers world wide. Arborea Cymbals offer a wide variety of cymbals from traditional to customizable exotic cymbals such as the fierce sound of the Oz12 Effects China, Aregon series and the killer stack combos!!

Rich Sticks logo

Rich Sticks brwants to bring back some old-school drumstick making and integrate it with some of the new, more modern processes. They strive to educate drummers about the process of making phenomenal drumsticks, which includes the Wood, Moisture Content, Wood Releases, Gains Moisture, Optimal Conditions, Wood Color, Markings, Weight, Pitch and Finishes of the drumsticks. Rich Sticks wants what is best for drummers and not what will make them more money or makes their job easier. They want to provide drummers with the best drumsticks possible at an honest price. Check out Redfootz artist profile on Rich Sticks' website to view his custom drumsticks.

Clear Tune Monitors logo

Clear Tune Monitors is a company focused on the precision of sound, and there is nothing more important than precision. Whether you are a professional musician or a music lover wanting to take your listening experience to the next level, Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) offers a wide array of products to get you that precision of sound you are looking for.